o3find 0.8.2

Full text search utility for StarOffice and OpenOffice.org

This program can find text in many StarOffice / OpenOffice.org documents. You can look for a word or phrase in multiple files and directories. You can also search other types of documents (e.g. plain text, Microsoft Office, etc.)


  • Exact search: find a word, part of a word, or a phrase (case sensitive or insensitive)
  • Search multiple documents in a directory (with or without subdirectories)
  • Search document metadata (i.e. properties, like author, etc.)
  • Show matching lines (console edition only)
  • Apply a command to all the found files (console edition only)
  • Support for special characters like accented letters (except for Windows 95)
  • The program can search non-OOo documents as well

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o3find 0.8.2

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